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Virtual Visits - Vitals

During the COVID pandemic, insurance providers, and our office, were lenient about not having vitals for telemedicine visits. However, as this pandemic continues, and waivers are being lifted from insurers, for your safety and our medication monitoring, we must have blood pressure and pulse readings at every visit.

You must have your blood pressure and pulse readings prior to starting your telemed visit. Whether you get it at another physician's office, a pharmacy, or take it at home, this must be provided to the nurse, or medical assistant, at the beginning of your visit.

Failure to have this will result in your visit being rescheduled and a cancellation fee added to your account. This will be enforced starting September 1, 2020.

Blood pressure cuffs can be bought, without a prescription, at most pharmacies, on Amazon, or many local grocery stores, (ie. Meijer, Walmart, Kroger, etc). Many are priced under $20.

You can always call our office at 517-324-3445 with and questions or concerns.