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Virtual Visit Assistance

We've been using a HIPAA compliant secure video for our virtual visits for over the last 3 years with great success. We've recently changed an easier alternative that doesn't require downloading of an app, or any other installations.

The recently added alternative HIPAA compliant secure video site is as simple as clicking on the link we'll send you via email and/or text on the day of your appointment, entering your name to enter the waiting room, clicking 'Enable Camera' then 'Allow' to give access to your camera and microphone. You'll then be in our virtual waiting room, where Dr. Messina, or one of our Nurse Practitioners will be able to see each other. Your visit will then proceed as normal.

Tips for a successful virtual visit

  • Restart your device - your device performance will decrease if it has to manage multiple apps in the background
  • Use a compatible browser - works with Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox
  • Run a precall test - Click Here to run a precall test to ensure your device is capable of virtual visits.
  • Move closer to your router - getting right next to your router, or plugging labtops or computers into your router can improve call quality.
  • Charge your devices battery prior to the virtual visit - Low power mode will reduce the performance of the device. Plugging the device in during the visit, or ensuring the battery if fully charged will improve performance.
  • Disconnect other devices from your network - Sharing valuable bandwidth can other devices can reduce call quality.
  • Get the latest browser or OS updates New releases of operating systems and browsers updates can improve the performance of the device.
  • Try a differenct brower, or try another device Sometimes a different browser or a differenct device will not have the same issue.
  • Try a different network - Sometimes switching from your local network ro a wifi connection can help. Also, switching from a wifi connection to a local network will give better results.

You can always call our office at 517-324-3445, or email us at for further questions or assistance.