Question: What type of person should come to our headache treatment program?

Anyone who has headaches that interfere with their quality of life or ability to make plans is a good candidate for our program. You do not need to be addicted to narcotics or at a high level of desperation for us to work with you. Many people come to us because they feel that they are overusing prescription or over-the-counter medications or are looking for an approach that is different from the one they are using. It is better for us to work with the patient sooner rather than later.

We basically take over where your primary physician leaves off and this is the basis for our strong working relationship with primary care physicians across the state. They realize that we are not an expensive or radical center that caters only to the untreatable or desperate. We are simply the next step, and our patients range in difficulty from people with simple medication plans that we check yearly, to those who have been to multiple treatment centers and have literally tried everything for relief.