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October 1, 2022

Dear Patients,

This is the dreaded day when we announce the closing of our practice.

I decided to retire at the end of December 2022, leaving a very different healthcare environment from when we first opened in 1981. Over these 41 years, Jayne and I have endeavored to serve our patients without any external corporate influence from hospitals, drug companies, or insurance companies. We are proud of that record.

We will work with our active patients between now and the day we close to ensure a smooth transition to new clinics.

Although we will fill no prescriptions after our clinic closes at the end of December, we will continue our regular schedule in the meantime. This will ensure that our patients have enough medication to last until they see their new providers. Please be sure to keep your scheduled appointments, so we can give you the appropriate refills and order monitoring tests when needed. Many medications require lab monitoring so please get them when ordered so we can safely give you refills. If you are overdue for an appointment, be sure to get onto our schedule, or we will be unable to fill your prescriptions.

In addition, we will continue our current Botox injection schedule until the end of the year. After the final session, we will give you the prior authorization paperwork for your new doctors and the names of ethical physicians to carry on the treatments. Your medical record will be sent wherever you wish. Remember, we have sent progress notes to your primary care providers for decades. So they should already have a complete record of our visits and test results.

Our wonderful Nurse Practitioner, Katelyn D'Onofrio, will begin maternity leave toward the end of this year. When she decides where and when to return to practice, we will announce her location on our website. We hope she will continue what we have begun. We will miss her collaboration with us and the rest of our team.

Please know that we have valued seeing you as a patient. We have treated some of you for many decades, and we will miss you all. Please check our website from time to time for changes and updates. I hope to give more specific names of doctors shortly, but for now, we will just name the organizations.


Edmund Messina MD
Jayne Messina RN

We still have informational pages at Information Menu

We will continue our podcast channel at to help people get through the complex and sometimes misleading information on medical websites.


The following organizations provide services in General Neurology as well as Headache Medicine, stroke, epilepsy and the other neurological subspecialties. As we see you in the office, we can make specific recomendations on who can serve you the best. There are others and we can make those recommendations when appropriate.

Keep checking this page for updates on clinics and the future whereabouts of Ms. D'Onofrio.

Remember, if you have not heard from these clinics by the time we close at the end of December, have your primary provider make the referral again.

U Of M Health

Henry Ford

Spectrum Health

Diamond Headache Clinic

Cleveland Clinic