Question: How does our headache treatment program differ from a so-called "pain clinic"?

Our style of practice varies from the traditional style of practice because of several enhancements.

First of all, we maintain a very traditional style of detailed diagnosis and treatment, being trained in the classical and proven methods of history-taking, examination and problem solving. We hold the patient-physician relationship in high esteem and we have added the advancements in nursing and patient education and accomplish this all through a sophisticated computer system. By the very fact that you are reading this web page, you know we are not afraid of technology.

Here is how we work: We have developed a practice environment that stresses patient education and support and we utilize computer technology to its fullest extent to accomplish it. We have been developing and improving our information system since the advent of the PC. This has been a key tool for patient tracking, education, quality maintenance and communication with other physicians. We even maintain Internet Support Sites and participate in support groups in the community.

We differ from the conventional clinic model in several ways, as you will see in this website. In a nutshell, over the past 2 decades, we have evolved into a team that combines physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and medical assistants into a cohesive team that delivers very personalized care. We use a sophisticated medical record system and a set of protocols and procedures that we developed over the years to be extremely efficient. It allows us to concentrate on the day to day management of our patients.

It is our philosophy that a small, self-regulating healthcare team can efficiently deliver personalized medical care with the proper approach. Within our team, we concentrate on the important aspects of the main neurological disorders and this keeps us up to date.