Appointment Checklist and Tips for a Successful Virtual Visit

  • Complete the online new patient history at least 48 hours prior to your appointment(we'll send you a link for this when registering you as a New Patient)
  • Complete and return forms we emailed to you, email or fax the completed forms to 517-324-4330
  • Call and confirm your appointment 2 business days prior if we have not already confirmed it with you
  • Send to us (via fax, email or regular mail), or bring with you, a copy of the front and back of your insurance cards, and a copy of the front of your pharmacy benefits card
  • Have copies of CT/MRI and lab reports faxed to us for review
  • Have a list of your recent medications with you for the visit
  • A current insurance referral, if needed, sent to us from your primary care physician
    For Return Visits:
  • Have your blood pressure and pulse ready at the beginning of your visit(sitting and standing preferred)
  • Be in a quiet, well-lit room, avoiding direct sunlight into your web camera
  • Have a strong internet connection, the closer you are to your wifi router, the better the connection will be
  • The following items are needed for a complete neuro exam
    1. A hair tie, rubber band or exercise band to test upper extremity strength
    2. A flash light to check cranial nerve and pupil response
    3. Something cold from the freezer/fridge to check temperature sensation