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Edmund Messina MD, FAHS
Medical Director

Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Neurology)

Certified in the subspecialty of Headache Medicine by the United Council
for Neurologic Subspecialties, Fellow of the American Headache Society


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These pages discuss the special issue of headache disorders and how we treat them.

Feel free to explore this website to learn about how we treat painful disorders including migraine, cluster, tension-type headaches, chronic daily headaches and facial pain disorders, including trigeminal neuralgia.


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Note: The Michigan Headache Clinic is the flagship clinic for Headache Clinics of America™


The Michigan Headache Clinic® is a treatment program for people with painful disorders of the head and face. Our clinic serves Michigan, surrounding states and Canada from our East Lansing clinic. Later this year we will be offering a telemedicine service for certain select patients.

We are a private Michigan practice and we welcome patients who are referred by primary physicians and specialists as well as patients who refer themselves.

What your headaches are costing you...and how we can help you.

We are very sensitive to the direct and indirect costs to our patients, especially in this era of increased drug costs and often exorbitant insurance deductibles and co-pays.

Please click here to see how our approach reduces costs for our headache patients.











Michigan Headache Clinic teaches you about headaches...

Headache Survival Guide

Click here for information about headache disorders and how to cope with them

How to manage stress and headaches with autorelaxation techniques.

Click here to learn this simple technique.

Botox in migraine?

We offer Botox® injections, according to FDA guidelines, for chronic migraine.






Watch "Life and Migraine" for free on your computer, tablet or smartphone!

See the award-winning documentary we made for PBS. The film is intended to increase awareness of migraine and to empower sufferers. It helps nonheadache people, like spouses and employers, to better understand what it is like to get such severe headaches. See more about it on the IMDB page.

Click here to watch the movie (26 minutes) (the password is "migraine")

Michigan Headache Clinic in the Movies!

Click here for more information about our role in award winning, internationally screened movies and documentaries about headache problems.


The Michigan Headache Clinic is pleased to sponsor Arbor Medicus.

We know how difficult times are in Michigan these days and healthcare is not readily available to everyone. In the interest of better quality healthcare, we invite you to join the Arbor Medicus Global Medical Community. There is no charge.

It will allow you to take your medical history, using cutting edge interactive video, and give it to your doctor before each visit.

If you are a new patient to our clinic, you already have been registered and if you are an existing patient, we will be enrolling you on your next visit.

Michigan Headache Patients Click Here to Run the Online History Taker